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CloudBand, Red Hat and Intel: Leading the Journey to Power NFV Operations

Openness and collaboration is key to making NFV a reality. Alcatel-Lucent is working with two great companies Red Hat and Intel, to make NFV deployable at scale. Listen to Dor Skuler and representatives from Red Hat and Intel discuss this joint collaboration.


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Cloud-based Firewall

Virtual firewall appliances play a critical role within the cloud infrastructure, mitigating security risks by implementing appropriate security controls for inter-virtual machine (VM) – or VM to physical and vice-versa – communication and providing the necessary isolation on an application, zone, domain or tenant basis.

Network-based security services were traditionally […]


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NFV is hot at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

NFV is hot at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

The SDN & OpenFlow World Congress was the venue where the original NFV whitepaper was published in 2012. Now, in Düsseldorf, Germany, we could see how NFV and SDN had flourished from the seed placed two years ago. Stretched to full capacity, the event attracted 1300 attendees, almost twice as many as last year. But it was not only the number of attendees but also the quality of the audience. Unlike broader events, such as the Mobile World Congress, the audience of this event was specialists from service providers, vendors, analysts, and research institutions with a focus on NFV and SDN making the event the premier venue for anybody wishing to learn about the state of the industry. Many of the CloudBand ecosystem members attended the event and had their booths in the exhibition hall or showed their solutions in the ETSI PoC Zone. Despite missing from the name of the event, observers such as Jerry Caron of Current Analysis voiced the impression that NFV was really the primary topic. Be that as it may, many attendees agreed that SDN is an integral element of NFV providing the programmability for the network desperately needed for any NFV installation. As Dor Skuler pointed out, anything is feasible with enough programmers and enough pizza but trying to do more complex use cases without a programmable SDN network is not efficient. The combination of SDN and NFV was also at the center of the discussions with customers and analysts at the Alcatel-Lucent stand. One of the live demonstrations showed how service providers can quickly deploy new revenue generating services and make these services selectively available to different subscribers. The demonstration illustrated the power of the CloudBand NFV platform […]

By: Andreas Lemke