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CloudBand, Red Hat and Intel: Leading the Journey to Power NFV Operations

Openness and collaboration is key to making NFV a reality. Alcatel-Lucent is working with two great companies Red Hat and Intel, to make NFV deployable at scale. Listen to Dor Skuler and representatives from Red Hat and Intel discuss this joint collaboration.


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Cloud-based Load Balancer

Load balancers are typically part of the overall application delivery controllers. They are used to distribute workloads across multiple servers to optimize resource usage, improve resiliency, reduce response times and maximize throughput. They redirect incoming requests based server load to prevent overloading any single server and are a great tool to defend against distributed denial of service attacks. Load balancers typically are used within data centers between the firewall and application servers.[...]


Register for one of our upcoming NFV Mashup webinars to learn more about an exciting NFV topic given by leading influencers in the NFV space or watch one of them on-demand. We promise that these webinars are only 30 minutes – 5 slides – 1 NFV Topic.

Mashup #13 “Where the Magic Happens” A look at our Cloud Innovation Center in 2014 November 18, 2014 Register
Mashup #12 Providing Security in NFV October 21, 2014 Launch
Mashup #11 Whose Neck Do I Ring? Developing Accountable Service Quality Metrics for NFV September 23, 2014 Launch



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Is OpenStack ready for NFV?

Is OpenStack ready for NFV?

Open source has had a massive impact on information technology and the web: The Linux operating system, the LAMP stack, browsers, the Android smartphone OS. Individual enthusiasts, universities, and businesses spend enormous resources to build technologies and then give them away for free. Are they out of their mind? The success of open source shows they are not.

By: Andreas Lemke