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CloudBand, Red Hat and Intel: Leading the Journey to Power NFV Operations

Openness and collaboration is key to making NFV a reality. Alcatel-Lucent is working with two great companies Red Hat and Intel, to make NFV deployable at scale. Listen to Dor Skuler and representatives from Red Hat and Intel discuss this joint collaboration.


Check out our featured use case or read the rest of our use cases to learn how we are using NFV to transform the network.

Lifecycle management of a unified communications application in a NFV environment

Alcatel-Lucent and CloudBand™ Ecosystem Program member Quobis® showcase Sippo™ — a resilient cloudbased unified communications (UC) application. Using CloudBand, carriers can quickly introduce new services such as Sippo to their users, provide self-healing services, scale the application capacity in line with demand, and upgrade or replace services to quickly react in a competitive environment. The Sippo application links into the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) securely and automatically during the deployment process and works with IMS to interconnect Consumer & Business VoIP, Enterprise UC, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) endpoints. This use case demonstrates that service providers have the opportunity to leverage Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to quickly launch and test new services with low risk.


Register for one of our upcoming NFV Mashup webinars to learn more about an exciting NFV topic given by leading influencers in the NFV space or watch one of them on-demand. We promise that these webinars are only 30 minutes – 5 slides – 1 NFV Topic.

Mashup #18 Lean Ops Demo: See automated orchestration in action! May 28, 2015 Launch
Mashup #17 Manage Diameter signaling traffic in a dynamic NFV environment using
virtual Diameter Signaling Controller (vDSC)
April 21, 2015 Launch
Mashup #16 Deploy Unified Communications in a NFV Carrier cloud with Qobis and Alcatel-Lucent March 26, 2015 Launch



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Transformation for NFV: Fourth lesson – Make The Business Case Work

Transformation for NFV: Fourth lesson – Make The Business Case Work

Its been a while since my last post and it seems I’m continually amazed by how things move rapidly on the NFV transformational front. Clearly our customers are heavily involved, but we’re also seeing some pretty aggressive moves from the vendor’s side of the equation.

We probably don’t share the same vision with all the vendors but it’s good to see that all the players in this market understand how very significant this transformation is and how it touches every aspect of the way operators architect and operate their networks.

By: Guy Shemesh