The CloudBand Ecosystem is a community of 60+ like minded NFV innovators. By working together, the processes of specifying and integrating all the pieces can be faster, accelerating the reality of NFV.

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Featured Use Case

Featured Use Case

In this use case, Nokia and CloudBand™ Ecosystem program member F5 Networks have worked together to demonstrate Virtual Network Function (VNF) deployment of F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager  (LTM) virtual appliance with Domain Name Server (DNS) infrastructure on top of the CloudBand platform.

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F5 provides a wide breadth of VNFs that can be deployed and managed with Nokia’s CloudBand Management System

Cloudband Mini-Series

Featured Use Case

Can NFV provide the same reliability, availability and manageability as traditional network solutions. What if something goes wrong? What if there is a failure? Who is to blame?

Learn the answers to these questions ‒ and more ‒ in our white paper mini-series: Bridging the gaps between legacy functions and the cloud.


See automated orchestration in action with our NFV Lean Ops demonstration: Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS), technology readiness and operational efficiencies in a live end-to-end environment.

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Mashup #19 Preparing Your Business Case for NFV

Cloudband by Alcatel-Lucent

Beyond the capex reduction… In this mashup, Bell Labs Consulting presents a comprehensive view of NFV economics and shares key insights for making superior strategic decisions pertaining to NFV.

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Cloudband by Alcatel-Lucent

The New Nokia Cloudband @ MWC 2016

Over the past year we’ve been building up to the Nokia merger and eagerly anticipating the benefits we would gain from having all the best of both companies combined and working to quickly integrate the cloud into the telco domain. Well we’re here now – the new Nokia CloudBand, and judging from the past month of joint action there are great things in store.

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